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Thanks for visiting our Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike Review page. With a traditional bicycle, you can only pedal so far before you have to turn around and go back. This is a big reason why ebikes are so appealing because you can go greater distances and see more while still helping you meet your exercise goals.

But then there is the struggle of choosing the RIGHT ebike.

Not all ebikes are the same. There are endless variations including the size of the tires, battery power, frame size, build quality and more.

Why Listen To Me?

My name is Christina Bishop. Growing up, I spent most summer days exploring the trails and woods on a bicycle near my house. I was just a teenager when the Silver Comet Trail first opened, and I would sometimes pedal for 50 miles or more in a single day before returning home.

I joined several bike riding clubs over the years, and I learned about the importance of choosing bikes with quality components. After a few flat tires and loose chains, I also learned a lot about repairs and maintenance.

I think that electric bikes, aka ebikes, have made bike riding & cycling so much more fun! When I am not blogging or kayaking, you will still see me out riding my ebike for 50 miles or more in a single day.

For this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Aostrirmotor 750W 26″ Electric Mountain Ebike and weigh in on its features.

Does it offer the comfort, power and off-road prowess that it claims, or does this ebike fall short?

Read on to find out!

Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike Features:

aostrirmotor-electric-mountain-bike review
  • LED Display – The simple, easy-to-read display helps you focus more on your bike ride rather than you paying attention to the screen and what the electronics are doing. While the screen is not all that fancy, we like how it shows you everything you need and nothing you don’t!
  • Powerful Motor – This Aostirmotor Electric Mountain Bike features a toothless brush motor with 750 watts of power and five different shifting speeds. The motor will accelerate to nearly 30MPH. That’s a lot of speed and power for a mountain ebike!
  • Removable Battery – Not all ebikes have a removable battery. This is great feature because you can either charge the battery while it is in on the bike, or you can swap batteries and charge a battery while it is not on the bike. You can also lock the battery to prevent theft. The battery has a 720 Wh capacity. At maximum charge, you can reach a distance of up to 21 miles. It takes about six hours to fully charge the battery.
  • USB Port – The display has a USB port, which allows you to do power your phone or charge other navigation devices.

Our Thoughts After Using the Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike:

Aostrirmotor-Electric-Mountain-Bike Review
Testing Out An Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike

We took this ebike for a test ride at the Blankets Creek Mountain Bike Trails to see how it would perform.

It’s a Great Choice for Casual Riders

Honestly, we really like it! The bike was already 85% assembled when it was shipped to us.

With a top speed of nearly 30MPH using only the throttle, this ebike outperforms most all of the other ebikes we reviewed in this price range.

The 750W motor worked exceptionally well climbing some small hills, gravel roads and bike trails. It sure beats pedaling without a motor!

This ebike has a unique, triangular structure giving it a stylish appearance.

Although this ebike is designed for some light off-roading, we found that using it on paved roads is a much more comfortable experience.

It handled the snow very well with its nobby 26″ tires

We were very impressed with the features and value you get for the price of this ebike.

Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike Detailed Specifications:


The Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike has 26″X4″ tires.


The Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike weighs 73 lbs.


The Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike has a front Zoom Hydraulic Fork suspension.

Brake Type

Mechanical Disc Brakes with 180mm Front & 160mm Rear Rotors


750W Brushless Motor with 80Nm of Torque.

Charge Time

4-6 hours average charge time.


7 Speed Shimano Gears.


21-25 miles.

Pros & Cons



  • Safety Lights – This ebike has dual light modules on the front and back. The front one keeps you from running into other people, and the back one keeps others from running into you. This feature is helpful if you are cycling during the night or in low visibility weather conditions. 
  • Battery – The battery provides a decent range of about 20-25 miles. It is lockable, and removable and it is good for hundreds of recharge cycles.
  • Suspension – The Aostrirmotor has two zoom suspensions on the front wheel. These are the primary shock absorbers that keep you comfortable. Additionally, the body frame has a suspension system located in the center. With the three suspension systems, you should be comfortable both on the road and off the road.
  • LCD Display with USB Charging Port – The LCD display is large and easy to read. You can track your speed, distance and remaining battery charge. The USB charging port is very convenient for charging your smartphone!
  • Motor – The Aostrirmotor has a powerful 750W motor that outperforms other ebikes we have reviewed in this price range. The motor is whisper quiet, and the range is acceptable for the average rider in flatter terrain.


  • Weight – This is a heavy ebike weighing in at 73lbs. However, you don’t really notice the weight until you are loading/unloading into your vehicle.
  • Kickstand – Some riders reported that the kickstand is prone to peg-jamming.
  • Range – The motor is adequate for average riders, but if you live in a hilly area, you may find yourself pedaling more.

Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike Final Verdict (5/5)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

And that was our review of the Aostrirmotor Electric Mountain Bike.

This is a solid, high-performance budget mountain ebike that will perform well for the casual rider.

The ebike comes well equipped with a good suspension system and safety lights, so you really don’t need to add any accessories

We really like the 750W motor which outperforms most other budget ebikes we have reviewed.

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