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In this post, we’ll share 10 good reasons why it is great for your health!

Even if you are new to kayaking, you probably already know that there are some health benefits!

There are so many fun activities you can do, including fishing and whitewater rafting, and they all have their health benefits.

Top 10 Kayaking Health Benefits:

1. Manage Weight

Did you know that you can burn an average of 500 calories per hour just by paddling? All you need to do is paddle at a speed of 5MPH!

There are so many other ways to exercise, but there is just something about being on the water and losing yourself in the scenery that makes this the easiest way to exercise.

If you spend a few hours on the water, you might even burn as much as 2,000 calories in one day!

2. Build Upper-Body Strength

You probably already know that you will get a great cardio workout by paddling. Another great benefit is that the more you paddle, the more your muscles will tone up and build strength!

You will improve more than just your arm strength because paddling also strengthens your shoulders, chest and back as well!

3. Build Lower Body Strength

Your legs will still benefit even if you don’t have a pedal kayak. Believe it or not, by paddling you also help develop your leg tone. This is because you will be balancing and making movements to help you as you paddle.

4. Build Core Strength


Your core helps you stay balanced and centered when you are kayaking. As you paddle, your lower back, abs and obliques get involved. This all benefits your core and builds strength.

5. Improve Heart Health

You probably won’t be surprised to know that kayaking is great for your cardiovascular health. The longer you paddle, the easier it gets, and that is great for your heart!

6. Improve Endurance

As you get out and explore, you will want to go further and see more out on the water which makes kayaking one of the best ways to improve your endurance. This is going to help you when you do other strenuous activities as well.

7. Improve Emotional Health


When you go kayaking, your body releases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These “feel good” chemicals will improve your mood and boost your self-confidence. Kayaking is a great way to fight depression and stress!

8. Improve Focus

The same chemicals that improve emotional health also help improve your focus! Are you having trouble focusing at work? Knock off work a little early to go kayaking, and when you go back to work the next day you will have a fresh, new perspective!

9. Improve Memory

When you go kayaking, a special part of your brain called the hippocampus gets a workout too! This is great news because this part of your brain helps with learning and verbal memory.

If you are consistent with kayaking several times each week, your memory will improve and your brain will stimulate new cells.

10. Sleep Better

I can tell you from experience that I sleep much better in the evening after just an hour of kayaking! When I lie down, I imagine myself on the tranquil waters and drift off to sleep.

any exercise will help you sleep better at night, and you will wake up much more well-rested the next day.

These are just a few health benefits and great reasons to get out there and go kayaking! When you decide to get out there, don’t forget the kayaking essentials and your personal flotation device/life jacket.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

Stay Healthy!

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Christina Bishop, an ardent hiker and kayaker, distills years of outdoor adventures into expert guidance for fellow nature lovers. Her extensive experience is the foundation of trustworthy and professional advice on navigating the great outdoors. Christina’s dedication to the wilderness shines through her insightful tips, inspiring confidence and a deeper appreciation for nature’s wonders.